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[Bug 214446] Remote Desktop (VNC) does not update VNC Client when 'Desktop Effects' enabled

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--- Comment #16 from Chris Elmquist <chrise pobox com>  2009-12-21 18:41:26 EDT ---
I was using vncviewer on FC8 through FC10 to remotely control and view
the desktop of a Mac OSX machine using the native OSX remote desktop capability
(which is essentially VNC).  After an upgrade to FC12, the vncviewer
on the FC12 machine now exhibits the symptoms described here--  namely, you
get one screen image which then does not update after you do anything on the
Mac desktop.  The keyboard and mouse traffic do move from FC12 to the Mac but
screen updates in the return direction do not occur.

Also, coincident with the upgrade to FC12 from FC10, the application 'x2vnc'
now fails to work.  The cursor will move down to the lower left corner of the
screen but fails to move onto the Mac desktop.  I have lost the ability to
control the Mac desktop from the FC12 Linux desktop as a result.

There have been no changes to the Mac OSX installation.  Only the Linux machine
was changed from FC10 to FC12.  Additionally, it was a fresh install of FC12
rather than an in-place upgrade from FC10.

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