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[Bug 441073] user firewire permissions and dvgrab

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--- Comment #34 from Diederik van Lierop <mail diedenrezi nl>  2009-12-25 15:32:41 EDT ---
When I do just "id" then it doesn't.

# id
uid=500(diedenrezi) gid=500(diedenrezi) groups=500(diedenrezi)


# id diedenrezi
uid=500(diedenrezi) gid=500(diedenrezi)

Just created and added myself to "videos", because I noticed that Paul was
member of that group. I was however already a member of "video" before that, if
I recall correctly... which I'm starting to doubt now because it still didn't
work at this point, but a reboot fixed it! Sorry for that, I lost the habbit of
rebooting after installation shortly after switching to Linux completely ;-).

Thanks anyway, my problem has been solved.

Merry Christmas!

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