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[Bug 228073] No device created for firewire harddisk (hotplugging)

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--- Comment #26 from Helmut Schlattl <helmut schlattl web de>  2009-02-10 03:13:41 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #25)
> Endless repetition of "self ID complete" events could be caused by
> firewire-ohci lacking a workaround for Uninorth v1 to break out of bus reset
> loops (but then I would rather expect endless bus reset events without self ID
> complete events), or could simply be a sign of dying hardware.

I suppose, too, that there is some special treatment for the Uninorth v1
required. I don't think, that it's a hardware problem. The same FW hard disk
is working correctly under Mac OSX (on the same Pismo) and on my second 
system (x86_64).

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