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[Bug 441073] user firewire permissions and dvgrab

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--- Comment #22 from Stefan Richter <stefan-r-rhbz s5r6 in-berlin de>  2009-01-02 07:09:26 EDT ---
Re comment 17:
See http://marc.info/?l=linux1394-devel&m=123089504900333  ---  David Moore
pointed out that libraw1394 accesses the local node(s) in order to determine
how many controllers are present.  Furthermore, the local node is used as the
default node for several operations which many libraw1394 clients need, even
though a different node (e.g. camcorder) could be used for their purposes.  We
should be able to fix most of these issues by modifications to libraw1394. 
Remaining issues require kernel driver changes, but these don't affect dvgrab,
kino, and similar high-level applications.

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