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[Bug 186512] kernel prevents proper CD checking (mediacheck/install fails)

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--- Comment #41 from Andre Robatino <andre bwh harvard edu>  2009-01-03 19:51:21 EDT ---
The readahead bug should only affect reading the last few dozen KB of the disc
image.  You also need to be careful not to use dd to attempt to read off more
than the actual size of the ISO.  The rawread script at


reads off the correct amount automatically.  It's very handy; I make it
executable and put it in ~/bin so it's always available in my path.

Using "ide=nodma" may or may not work, depending on your hardware (it usually
didn't work for me).  Doing the burning as recommended in the link above seems
to be the only foolproof way to avoid the readahead bug.

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