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[Bug 186512] kernel prevents proper CD checking (mediacheck/install fails)

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--- Comment #42 from David Tonhofer <d tonhofer m-plify com>  2009-01-04 10:18:40 EDT ---
Thanks Andre,

After retesting, any consistent explanation fell apart, and I am now pretty
sure that it is just my DVD-ROM drive which does not work or which has some
problem with the motherboard. Time burnt on a stupid problem, damn you
non-self-checking hardware! Okay, out goes the drive... 

I'm not sure whether "ide=nodma" still has any effect whatsoever in F10,
especially with SATA drives? The last time it was mentioned was in the Fedora
Core 4 release notes at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/release-notes/fc4/

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