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[Bug 213042] gnome-terminal cursor defaults to blinking

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--- Comment #8 from Tim "Taiwanese" Liim <timliim alcatel-lucent com>  2009-01-05 22:07:25 EDT ---
This bug should be easy to fix.  Try the following:
- in the source tree, the file
  change the key name
        string (type)
        system (default value)
        bool   (type)
        false  (default value)
  (I thought cursor_blink_mode is now obsolete, so 
  it's safe to replace it with cursor_blink.)
  (you may need to change owner translation, etc.)

Here is how I think it would work:
  - during rpmbuild the file 
        gnome-terminal-2.24.2/src/gnome-terminal.schemas.in   (#1)
        ./BUILD/gnome-terminal-2.24.2/src/gnome-terminal.schemas (#2)
  - during "rpm -i" #2 becomes
          /etc/gconf/schemas/gnome-terminal.schemas (#3)
  - "rpm -q --scripts gnome-terminal" shows the 
    following postinstall scriplet:
        gconftool-2 ... /etc/gconf/schemas/gnome-terminal.schemas (#4)
    which reads the value from #3 and store it in
        /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/%gconf-tree.xml  (#5)
  - during run-time, gnome-terminal reads value from gconfd-2,
    which reads default values from #5.

I tried this in my private build, and it did the trick when I tried
it on my F10.

The same issue (cursor default to blinking) is still in F10 official

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