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[Bug 244520] system-config-display does not allow full range of resolution for monitor

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--- Comment #15 from Otto J. Makela <om iki fi>  2009-01-09 03:30:23 EDT ---
Still, the same problem seen on a fresh installation of Fedora 10: Resolutions
available to choose in system-config-display are not updated to reflect new
monitor selection in hardware settings. Workaround is to manually edit the
xorg.conf file, but if one does this, why bother with system-config-display in
the first place?

For example, I have an (automatically correctly detected) 1920×1080 monitor,
for which "system-config-display --reconfig" suggests 1400×1050 as the best
available resolution.

This problem is complicated a bit by bug #477993 (system-config-display crashes
while reading xorg.conf), a workaround is to use the --reconfig option.

I can't change the status of this bug as I am not its owner, can someone else
reopen it once again for Fedora 10?

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