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[Bug 183338] adding a domain to search: lost by dhcp when network restarts

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Jón Fairbairn <jon fairbairn cl cam ac uk> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |harald redhat com,
                   |                            |jmoskovc redhat com
          Component|dhcp                        |system-config-network
               Flag|needinfo?(jon fairbairn cl  |
                   |cam.ac.uk)                  |

--- Comment #11 from Jón Fairbairn <jon fairbairn cl cam ac uk>  2009-07-01 07:10:54 EDT ---
Re 1: It's headless, so the network service

Re 2:

I've investigated this extensively this morning (and I don't
think it's worthwhile attaching any of the versions of the
files). Contrary to Comment #5, system-config-network does
NOT set SEARCH in any /etc/sysconfig/network* file, nor does
it read SEARCH from any of them. It currently
(system-config-network-1.5.97-1.fc11.noarch) simply changes
/etc/resolv.conf (this seems to be a regression).

If SEARCH is not set in
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 but there is a
search line in /etc/resolv.conf, dhclient ignores this
latter and creates a search line from what it gets from the
dhcp server. This seems like reasonable behaviour. Whether
it's correct I'll leave up to you...

If SEARCH is set in
dhclient uses this when creating the new /etc/resolv.conf
This also seems reasonable (etc).

It seems clear to me that system-config-network should read
and write SEARCH in /etc/sysconfig.*/ifcfg-$device. So I
reckon the bug really is in system-config-network.

Assuming that you'll agree with that contention (David),
I've changed the component back to system-config-network

This bug hat been hanging around since before Fedora 8, and
it bites me every time I upgrade to another version of
Fedora, so I'd be grateful if it were resolved.

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