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[Bug 244275] Unecessary Requires - shorewall and tcpwrappers

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--- Comment #11 from Axel Thimm <axel thimm atrpms net>  2009-07-14 03:12:26 EDT ---
I think this is just an EPEL bug, why not fix it in the EPEL cvs? I'd go with
something like BJ's patch in comment #10.

For anecdotal reference just comparing the use of fail2ban with iptables and
shorewall by google hits it comes up with something like 1:4 (15,500:69,800),
which means that a large portion of fail2ban users will expect shorewall
support out of the bix and will be surprised to have to look for further
subpackages, or to have to manually install some dependencies of fail2ban.

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