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[Bug 244275] Unecessary Requires - shorewall and tcpwrappers

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--- Comment #13 from BJ Dierkes <wdierkes 5dollarwhitebox org>  2009-07-14 11:56:16 EDT ---
Honestly, my only concern is with EPEL... but the changes make sense for both. 
If you consider that EPEL was created for *Enterprise Linux... it would be safe
to assume that a SysAdmin installing fail2ban would know very well what they
want and how they want to implement.  Forcing the install of shorewall on a
SysAdmin in the enterprise just seems rude.  ;)

For Fedora I can see your point as the audience would more than likely have
less SysAdmins and more Users/Power Users.  Either way... if you are installing
fail2ban you probably also know how to do something like 'yum search

If you go with something like my initial patch in comment #9, you can just
throw in a few lines of comment into
%{_sysconfdir}/fail2ban/action.d/shorewall.conf that let you know "hey, you
probably need to install x, y, z packages via yum to enable shorewall support".
 Or the patch in comment #10, is obvious or understood that you need to install
fail2ban-shorewall to enable shorewall support.

Either way, thank you for giving this tracker some attention.

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