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[Bug 194249] CDs/DVDs encrypted with LUKS are not correctly mounted

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--- Comment #20 from Martin F <martinrssf gmail com>  2009-07-19 04:05:46 EDT ---
I myself had this problem and haven't paid attention until I saw this bug
report referred from bug#122241 in bugs.launchpad.net
(https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/122241) recently.

Here is my result in Fedora 11:

1. Insert DVD
2. gnome-mount asks for passphrase; enter one
3. DVD volume appears in the desktop (yeah!)
4. Double-click to open it
5. nautilus launches, the icon disappears from desktop, and the icon is shown
in nautilus
6. clicking the icon from nautilus asks for passphrase again, then complains
that it's already given the passphrase, but nothing is mounted in /media.
7. 'mount /dev/mapper/devkit-disks/luks-* /mnt/cdrom' from command line works
8. umount and eject works from command line
9. ejecting from nautilus gets complaint that /dev/sr0 is busy used by another
module, and eject fails.
10. Subsequent insertion of dvd gets request for passphrase but complains about
/dev/sr0 busy. Nautilus shows the icon but no desktop icon. Eject gives the
same complaint as above with failure.
11. command line mount/umount/eject all still works.

For now, that's the workaround: Insert dvd, enter passphrase, then simply
mount, umount, and eject from command line.

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