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[Bug 242494] kdmrc: FaceSource=PreferUser, potentially takes a long time

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--- Comment #15 from Charlie Wyse <cwyse redhat com>  2009-03-12 20:19:36 EDT ---
Hrm, still seeing this in Fedora 10.  As far as I know, after 2.22 gdm got rid
of gdmsetup and really any kind of useful customization, which is probably why
more and more people are switching to kdm.  Regardless, gdm does not search
home directories for faces, rather /usr/share/pixmap/faces for <username>.png,
or so say the documents from gnome.org.  Anyone can resolve the issue with the
AdminOnly option in kdmrc, I'm sure there are craftier ways.  But this is just
how KDM runs as far as I know.  Which is great for personal systems but a total
fail for larger environments.  I would recommend to the all mighty KDM upstream
maintainers to possibly set the default to AdminOnly or set a default faces
directory similar to GDM so that users have to actually enable the face files
in there home directories.  That way they will notice that things only break
when it's enabled and will hopefully spend less time troubleshooting.  Putting
this warning in release notes is also good, per comment #8 :)

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