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[Bug 242494] kdmrc: FaceSource=PreferUser, potentially takes a long time

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--- Comment #18 from Charlie Wyse <cwyse redhat com>  2009-03-13 14:57:44 EDT ---
Actually when I was creating a fix patch for our enterprise deployment I
realized something.  This issue is probably in the fedora package itself and
can very easily be fixed.  Here is the current section in the kdmrc file that
is causing the problem.

# Allow users to set their own user images.
# If UserList is enabled, this specifies where kdm gets the images from:
# AdminOnly (default): from <FaceDir>/$USER.face[.icon]
# UserOnly: from the user's $HOME/.face[.icon]
# PreferAdmin: prefer <FaceDir>, fallback on $HOME
# PreferUser: ... and the other way round

As you can see AdminOnly is the default.  So if we just put a comment in front
of FaceSource=PreferUser (#FaceSource=PreferUser), it defaults to AdminOnly and
works for large NFS home dir based deployments.  In other words, the fedora
package is not sticking with the defaults but forcing this on the user.  We
should probably change this back to a commented variable so everything works at
an enterprise level by default, especially if this package is going to wind up
in RHEL.

Oh a comment #16 makes a lot of sense to, but is something the KDM upstream
maintainers would probably need to code in.  In other words, won't be fixed in
the immediate future.  Making the "#" change to the fedora package would at
least stop people from running into this and make KDM a sexier option.

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