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[Bug 136141] syntax errors in syslogd.conf cause lost log messages without warning

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--- Comment #14 from Michael Schwendt <bugs michael gmx net>  2009-05-20 10:13:23 EDT ---
With DoS I mean that an _entire rule_ is ignored -- silently (!) -- just
because there's a subtle syntax error in it. Even a ':' instead of ';' as the
separator between the selectors can be used to disable an entire rule. Other
typos disable the rule, too. As a consequence, rsyslog not even logs its
startup status message anymore as the '*.info' selector is among the ones that
are disabled silently. rsyslog doesn't print anything on stderr either. Where
do you get a warning?

> After making changes to the configuration file, you have a way to
> verify they are correct.

At least the software ought to help with verification as it parses the rules

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