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[Bug 502569] New: gnome-cd crashes on /dev/hdd but not on /dev/cdrom

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Summary: gnome-cd crashes on /dev/hdd but not on /dev/cdrom


           Summary: gnome-cd crashes on /dev/hdd but not on /dev/cdrom
           Product: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
           Version: 5.4
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
 Status Whiteboard: bzcl34nup
          Severity: medium
          Priority: medium
         Component: cdparanoia
        AssignedTo: pjones redhat com
        ReportedBy: rkhadgar redhat com
         QAContact: qe-baseos-auto redhat com
                CC: p van egdom gmail com, peterd uwo ca,
                    chris rebelbase com, pzubaj marticonet sk,
                    fedora-triage-list redhat com
   Estimated Hours: 0.0
    Classification: Red Hat
    Target Release: ---
          Clone Of: 187602

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #187602 +++

gnome-cd works correctly if the device name is exactly /dev/cdrom.
However is segfaults on any other device name, that point
to the the same device.
/dev/cdrom is linked to hdd, so is /dev/cdwriter
gnome-cd crashes on /dev/hdd and /dev/cdwriter, but not on /dev/cdrom.
When clicking on the audio cd icon that appears when an
audio cd is inserted, gnome-cd is started as:
gnome-cd --unique --play --device /dev/hdd
therefore it crashes.

In cdparanoia source in file scan_devices.c in function sgio_cdda_identify_scsi
is this test:

if (check_fd_sgio(d->cdda_fd))

Function check_fd_sgio returns value < 0, on error or argement if ok. For some
unknown reason when device other as /dev/cdrom is used (/dev/hdc /dev/hdd) 
cdda_fd = 0 is opened (this is valid fd, but zero) and check fails and
s2_init_sg_info is used (which is wrong). Check should be changed to:

if (check_fd_sgio(d->cdda_fd) == d->cdda_fd)

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