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[Bug 287411] Kernel loses track of CWD of process

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--- Comment #56 from Ian Kent <ikent redhat com>  2009-05-28 05:02:43 EDT ---
Oh look, in /etc/init.d/netfs

if [ -n "$NFSMTAB" ]; then
        __umount_loop '$3 ~ /^nfs/ && $2 != "/" {print $2}' \
                /proc/mounts \
                $"Unmounting NFS filesystems: " \
                $"Unmounting NFS filesystems (retry): " \
                "-f -l"

The "-f -l" is $5 to __umount_loop() which looks like it's used
as arguments to umount. That would explain why were seeing the
problem but is not solution, of course.

Another thing that puzzles me, after a quick look the netfs init
script, is why does NetworkManager think it's OK to allow netfs to
"fuser -k" processes to get rid of mounts at hibernate? Maybe the
expected use of this is in fact intended to be only at shutdown.

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