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[Bug 136141] syntax errors in syslogd.conf cause lost log messages without warning

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--- Comment #21 from Tomas Heinrich <theinric redhat com>  2009-05-28 09:44:32 EDT ---
>> I forgot to mention: error messages go to stderr by default. 

> Doesn't work in Fedora 10. One mistyped selector, and an entire rule is ignore
> silently. See comment 14.

By the time rsyslog parses the config file, it is already forked and without
access to stderr.

(Rainer, there's actually a bug in that rsyslog always tries to write to
stderr. :) When forked, it accidentally writes to the file opened with fd 2.
Hope the patch got to you.)

So IMO a reasonable solution is to change the code to return some non-zero
value when -N encounters an error, run rsyslog -N first, discard the output as
not to spam the screen and if retval != 0, print a warning about config file
syntax a then start the daemon.

What do you say?

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