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[Bug 182464] dbus-daemon hangs while starting on a system with ldap authorisation enabled.

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--- Comment #44 from D A T <diccon tesson gmail com>  2009-11-13 18:17:26 EDT ---
I seem to have stumbled on this one after sucessfully runnig F10 with LDAP for
over a year.
I run KDE4 (this is relivant, bear with me)

I installed NetworkManager-pptp in an atempt to get a PPTP VPN connection
working. As opposed to KNetworkManager wich failed to work for the VPN.  I'm
fairly sure i Installd NetworkManager itself too, though it could have silently
been sitting there already. After sucessfully doing so the following day i
rebooted I had stumbled on this issue. Long delays of message bus,
/var/log/messages screaming about ldap issues.

There seems to be sugnificance where NetworkManager takes over the normal
Network service. I was surprised to find
/etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 set to ONBOOT=no.

Anyway I by no means pretent to be an expert on Fedoras network stack or
management. Just thought the fact that I had managed to induce the problem
after such a long previously stable time might help you guys figure it out.

I can provide any futher details you think would help.

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