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[Bug 240555] firefox changes it's icon in main bar when an unrelated property changes

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David Kovalsky <dkovalsk redhat com> changed:

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            Version|10                          |12

--- Comment #7 from David Kovalsky <dkovalsk redhat com>  2009-11-18 04:20:51 EDT ---
Moving to Fedora 12, as this is still valid. 

Menu -> add to desktop -> (desktop icon) Icon settings -> Permissios Tab ->
Advanced Permission button (you don't have to change anything) -> OK -> OK

Though KDE in F12 gives me an error 
Could not change permissions for
(OK, it's lame testing as root), after clicking OK the icon is just a big
question mark.

Just for the record, I've also tried with SELinux in Permissive mode and the
behaviour is the same. 

So the saga originally started at Fedora 7 continues.

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