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[Bug 244275] Unecessary Requires - shorewall and tcpwrappers

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--- Comment #14 from Robert Vogelgesang <vogel folz de>  2009-09-23 12:21:47 EDT ---
Can we please have this issue fixed for the upcoming Fedora 12 release? There
are only a few days left until the beta development freeze.

I don't really care which one of the proposed patches "wins" in the end.

Re: comment #11: If just the "Requires:" for shorewall would be removed, the
support for shorewall would still be there, and people using both fail2ban and
shorewall will still be happy.  But all the other who prefer different
firewalling solutions, are not forced to install shorewall.  Is there any
_real_ reason why such a solution would not be acceptable to anyone?

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