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[Bug 182464] dbus-daemon hangs while starting on a system with ldap authorisation enabled.

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--- Comment #38 from Devin Reade <gdr gno org>  2009-09-30 17:52:31 EDT ---
Since 2006 there's been a lot of talk regarding startup sequences and config
changes.  In comment 10 I described the fact that (based on code inspection at
the time) that it appeared that there was an inverted program flow with respect
to referencing ignoreusers and connecting to ldap.  There was no indication in
this report that this aspect was ever considered (even to the point of someone
saying, "no, you read it wrong"). I admit that I've not looked at the source
since then, so I don't know if it still exists, but perhaps one of the current
developers would be interested in examining that possibility?

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