[fedora-virt] is there a more newbie-level mailing list for fedora virt?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Mon Apr 6 14:58:15 UTC 2009

  i ask since i'm probably doing a virtualization seminar at a local
linux fest later this year, and i'd like to gear it towards beginners.
i realize that there is abundant online documentation on this topic,
but it's just not geared for people who are starting out.

  for example, if one reads the online 'Getting started with
virtualization" here:


the second paragraph reads as follows:

"Xen supports para-virtualized guests as well as fully virtualized
guests with para-virtualized drivers. Para-virtualization is faster
than full virtualization but does not work with non-Linux operating
systems or Linux operating system without the Xen kernel extensions.
Xen fully virtualized are slower than KVM fully virtualized guests."

  i'm sorry, but that's not for beginners.  it just isn't.  so is
there a forum where i can chat with folks about putting together
something really and truly designed for an audience who might be
linux-savvy but need to be walked into virtualization slowly and


p.s.  i was planning on recording my thoughts here:


but i'm more than happy to help with something officially fedora if
it's more attuned to what i'm trying to do.

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