[fedora-virt] installing f11 x86_64 inside f11 x86_64 is *cripplingly* slow

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Apr 16 01:09:06 UTC 2009

  i'm sure it's something i'm doing wrong, but it's taking *forever*
to install an f11 x86_64 guest on f11 x86_64.  i gave this VM 1 CPU,
1G of RAM and 10G of hard disk.  i seem to have VM extensions enabled
on this AMD 64-bit system (kvm_amd loaded, /dev/kvm exists).  but this
is going astonishingly slowly.

  it took, literally, *minutes* just to format the two filesystems.
right now, it's sitting at the first SW install screen, where it's
been for the last 10 minutes, even though the VMM reports that that VM
is using 49% CPU.

  should i expect this kind of performance?  because, as it stands,
this is completely unusable.  so i'm assuming i'm doing something
wrong, and i'm open to suggestions.


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