[fedora-virt] what exactly is "virt-viewer" supposed to do?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Mon Apr 20 18:58:27 UTC 2009

  having long ago gotten over my embarrassment at asking dumb
questions, what can i get "virt-viewer" to do for me?  i have a
perfectly respectable guest system named "f1164", but nothing i do
with "virt-viewer" will give me any useful info for that guest.

  can someone give me a sample invocation that will print something

syntax: virt-viewer [OPTIONS] DOMAIN-NAME|ID|UUID

virt-viewer version 0.0.3


  -h, --help              display command line help
  -v, --verbose           display verbose information
  -V, --version           display version information
  -d, --direct            direct connection with no automatic tunnels
  -c URI, --connect URI   connect to hypervisor URI
  -w, --wait              wait for domain to start


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