[fedora-virt] virt-manager/libvirtd beginner question: how to "convert" qemu-kvm image for use by virt-manager

Tom London selinux at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 17:26:20 UTC 2009

I have a pre-existing qemu-kvm VM that I run with the following command:

qemu-kvm -localtime -vga std -m 512 -usbdevice tablet -name "Windows
XP" -hda ~/VirtualMachines/raw.img -k en-us

I've been trying to "convert/adapt" this to be run with virt-manager,
without success.  Is there a "recipe" I can follow?

I ran the following 'virt-install' command on a "copy" of the image:

[root at tlondon ~]# virt-install --name=WinXP --ram=512 --accelerate
--os-type=windows --os-variant=winxp -v --import
--file=/home/tbl/VirtualMachines/gold-raw.img --vnc

Starting install...
Guest installation complete... restarting guest.
[root at tlondon ~]#

But the VM fails to complete booting: I see the BIOS screen, followed
by the Windows "previous attempt to boot failed" screen, and an
endless cycling between these 2 screens.

virt-manager shows the VM running.  I clean up each time by "forcing
shutdown" and deleting the VM from within virt-manager.

I can boot the image (~/VirtualMachines/gold-raw.img) after this with
'qemu-kvm' without problem.

I've tried swapping '--sdl' for '--vnc', adding 'noacpi', dropping
'--accelerate', to no avail.

Is what I'm trying to do feasible, or is the qemu-kvm image 'polluted'
with unsupported drivers and or settings?

Appreciate any help!

Tom London

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