[fedora-virt] In F11, still disable NetworkManager if bridging?

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Wed Apr 29 17:37:10 UTC 2009

sean darcy wrote:

Initial info: all answers refer to KVM, GNOME, and no VMM. YMMV.

> I've an xp virtual machine on qemu/kvm, F11. I'd like to be able reach
> it over the network - for instance with NX. To do that, I'm trying to
> set up bridged networking.  The howto at
> http://wiki.libvirt.org/page/Networking says:
> As of time of writing (Fedora 9) NetworkManager does not support
> bridging, so it is necessary to disable it, and revert to "classic"
> network initscripts
> Still true? If not, how do you set up bridging on NM?
A small script can do it for you and will not interfere with NM 
operation (AFAIK - works for me).
Attach the NIC to the bridge.

> A howto on setting up kvm networking on F9
> (http://www.linux-kvm.com/content/using-bridged-networking-virt-manager)
> and the ubuntu howto's talk about creating a tap interface. The
> libvirt.org doesn't. Is a tap interface required/useful?
If the VM is a /client/ and originates all connections, you don't need 
tap, and the outgoing IP will be the host, doing masquerade.
> Do I need a physical network card for each bridged vm? Is this what
> the tap interface is for?
Not that I can see, I have three servers and several test machines on a 
single bridge and it works fine.

> And finally where does the kvm driver disk ( NETKVM-20081229.iso ) fit
> in all this? Do I need to install it in the xp vm before I ...??

Also: I have done this on FC{6,9,10} but not FC11 yet, I simply don't 
have an extra machine with hardware VM which I can use at the moment. I 
lack the courage or need to try KVM under KVM.

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