[fedora-virt] Fedora virt status

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Mon Apr 20 16:23:29 UTC 2009

2009-05-12 Compose & Stage Release Candidate (22 days)

The final days of F11 development are upon us.

Again, please take a look at the tracker bugs for the F11 release. The
F11VirtTarget tracker, in particular, has a bunch of interesting bugs
to look at:


Fedora 11

F11 Snapshot 1 was released:


Followed by the F11 tree branching and then freezing:


>From now on, any fixes committed to the F-11 branch are built into
dist-f11-updates-candidate. Package maintainers must explicitly
request release engineering to tag their build into dist-f11 by
opening a ticket here:


The F11 Preview release will be composed early this week and released
on 2009-04-28. This is the last release before the final release is


Daley Bewley's virtualization section in Fedora Weekly News continues:


F9/F10 Updates

Following on from the recent discussions around our future processes
and policies wrt. Fedora updates, we decided to unpush libvirt-0.6.1
from F9 and F10 updates testing:


Fedora Virt Experience

Some discussion around creating a beginner's guide to Fedora
Virtualization raised an interesting question. Just what is the
"Fedora Virtualization Experience" that we're aiming for here?


This question is actually an important one - it should guide us in
deciding what to document, what to test and what kind of features do
we care most about. The answer may be obvious to some, but we don't
actually have it written down anywhere.

virt-manager Roadmap

On the subject of writing things down, Cole Robinson has put together
an excellent roadmap for the next releases of virt-manager:


F12 Features

The Fedora 12 feature process has already begun in earnest, with some
F12 features already approved. Us virt folks need to get our skates

One interesting F12 feature is "debuginfo FS" - using a FUSE mount of
WebDAV file share to do away with the need for explicitly installing
debuginfo RPMs:


Everybody say yay for "just works"


Rich Jones continued with his fast progress on libguestfs and kept his
blog updated with his progress:


Rich is a Sponsor

Rich also succeeded in his bid to be made a Fedora sponsor:


Unforunately, no-one had an objections to his request. That's hardly
any fun, now is it? :-)

Xen Dom0

Michael Young pushed another build of the Dom0 kernels, just time with
"xendom0" in the release field to make them more easily identifiable.


Slow Installs

On the subject of just working - or rather just not working - Mike
Hinz persisted with his questions on the fedora-virt list about slow
F11 installs until people realized there really was a problem. It
appears that anaconda, when running under KVM, doesn't see the install
media as a valid source of packages:


Is My Guest Using KVM?

During that same discussion, it became clear that figuring out whether
a given running guest is actually using KVM is something people
commonly want to do when diagnosing problems.

Unfortunately, we don't have a great answer for this - our best
attempt is now documented here:



DOOM-O-METER: 184 bugs last week, 178 this week. More progress ...

    qemu-kvm -vga std fails because of ROM space increase patch

    THe patch to increase the space available to option ROMs broke
    'qemu-kvm -vga std'. Glauber proposed a simple fix upstream which,
    following discussion, ended up being a more significant re-work of
    the code. We've gone with the simple patch for F11.

    Text console problem with qemu-kvm cirrus/SDL

    Seems text console was broken with rawhide KVM. Looks like it may
    have been an issue with the SDL backend.

    Integer wraparound creating a large disk image in VPC format

    Kevin Wolf resolved this issue upstream by refusing to create a
    vpc disk greater than 127Gb.

    openbios bug causes qemu-system-ppc "invalid/unsupported opcode"

    Pavel Roskin re-built the bios image on F10 and that fixed the
    issue for him. This may well be a compiler issue. Upstream folks
    have been asked to take a look.

    Qemu should not be using pulseaudio when run as root.

    Dan Berrange explains how libvirt needs a way to stop pulseaudio
    from auto-spawning a daemon for root.

    KVM isn't used by qemu launched by Virtual Machine Manager

    Root cause turned out to be a simple %ifarch thinko in
    qemu.spec. This prevented kvm.ko from being loaded by
    qemu-system-x86_64 %post on x86_64.

    Unable to run RHEL-5 Xen within KVM guest

    Marcelo tracked down and fixed upstream the needed irq fixes in
    order for xen to run in kvm, and then backported to the F11

    libvirtd/qemu-kvm appears to want to write .iso file (throws
    "write" AVC on install of F11_Spin1)

    It appears that qemu will always try and open a .iso for writing
    which was resulting in an SELinux warning. We need to fix qemu,
    but for now we've supressed the warning with dontaudit.

    qemu-kvm es1370 sound card emulation segfault

    qemu qcow2 image corruption

    Some people have experienced qcow2 image corruption - especially
    in the form of windows registry corruption. Thankfully, this was
    fixed upstream last week and the fix has been pulled in for F11.

    F11 Beta :: under KVM anaconda does not seem to find installation
    DVD for package install

    Thanks to some persistence on the part of Mike Hinz on
    fedora-virt-list, we discovered that the F11 beta DVD installer
    wasn't actually using the packages on the DVD. This only happens
    under KVM, not on bare-metal.

    anaconda "unitialized drive" warning is a little too terrifying

    This issue rumbles on with anaconda and libvirt developers both
    insisting that it's too hard to fix.

    SELinux is preventing libvirtd (virtd_t) "signull" virtd_t

    Dan Walsh promptly fixed.

    Creating guests where the .iso image is on a NFS share doesn't
    work anymore

    selinux targeted policy blocks qemu-kvm access to USB storage

    Looks like libvirt needs to re-label USB devices

    libvirt runs qemu with '-drive fmt=' rather than '-drive format='

    libvirt was using an invalid command line parameter to specify a
    disks format. Not explicitly specifying the disk format is
    insecure, but this is now fixed for F11.

    adding a new cd-rom device to a KVM guest fails in libvirt with
    obscure error

    Turns out we don't support IDE cdrom hotplug, so the only bug here
    is the obscure error message that libvirt returns.

    xen pvops kernels won't boot on processors without the NX bit

    The fix for this was merged upstream in 2.6.30-rc2 and has been
    backported to F-11 in

    Network periodically hangs during install of xen guest

    It sounds like xen guest installs might be failing during package
    install because of a networking issue. Other reports of success or
    failure reproducing this would be very helpful.

    "New VM" dialog box misspells "operating" as "opertaing"

    Simple typo in a highly visible string in latest virt-manager.

    vm_applet doesn't see running VMs

    Once you start a VM, it disappears from the list even though the
    UI is clearly designed to handle running VMs.

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