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[fedora-virt] In F11, still disable NetworkManager if bridging?

I've an xp virtual machine on qemu/kvm, F11. I'd like to be able reach
it over the network - for instance with NX. To do that, I'm trying to
set up bridged networking.  The howto at
http://wiki.libvirt.org/page/Networking says:

As of time of writing (Fedora 9) NetworkManager does not support
bridging, so it is necessary to disable it, and revert to "classic"
network initscripts

Still true? If not, how do you set up bridging on NM?

A howto on setting up kvm networking on F9
and the ubuntu howto's talk about creating a tap interface. The
libvirt.org doesn't. Is a tap interface required/useful?

Do I need a physical network card for each bridged vm? Is this what
the tap interface is for?

And finally where does the kvm driver disk ( NETKVM-20081229.iso ) fit
in all this? Do I need to install it in the xp vm before I ...??


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