[fedora-virt] Fedora virt status

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Fri Aug 21 11:55:08 UTC 2009

It's been a busy seven weeks or so since I sent the last one of
these. I'll try not to leave such a big gap between status reports in
future! :-)

F-12 Schedule

The Fedora 12 Alpha release is now baked and will be released next
week on August 25th.

The next big deadline coming up is the Final Development freeze on
September 29th. After that date, only important bug fixes will be


F-12 Features

The final list of virt features for Fedora 12 looks like:

    * libguestfs
    * KSM
    * KVM Huge Page Backed Memory
    * KVM NIC Hotplug
    * KVM qcow2 Performance
    * KVM Stable Guest ABI
    * Network Interface Management
    * SR-IOV
    * VirtgPXE
    * VirtPrivileges
    * VirtTCK
    * VirtStorageManagement

(Note, FESCo didn't approve TCK as a feature, but that should't stop
us pimping it :-)



F-12 Changes to System Defaults

There are a couple of changes to Fedora 12 system defaults that are
related to virtualization:


  For security and performance reasons, iptables rules are no longer
  applied by default to frames forwarded across linux kernel ethernet
  bridges. See bug #512206 for more details on the rationale behind
  this change.

  Historically, uids and gids 0-100 are reserved for specific system
  accounts and allocated via the uidgid file in the setup
  package. This space has now been exhausted and 0-200 is now
  reserved. This should not be an issue on most systems because
  dynamically allocated system accounts are usually allocated
  downwards from 499. See bug 515779 and bug #511957 for more details.

F-13 Features

We already have quite a number of features planned for Fedora 13. See:


One of the most interesting of those is Michael Tsirkin's "kernel
acceleration for KVM networking":


The idea is to add a kernel module which much more efficiently takes
care of the packet handling part of the virtio_net host backend. The
progress of this feature can be followed on the Linux Foundation
virtualization mailing list:


New Releases

Several new releases of various virt bits have been released recently:

  - qemu-kvm-0.10.6:
  - qemu-kvm-0.11.0-rc1:
  - libvirt-0.7.0:
  - python-virtinst-0.500.0:
  - virt-manager-0.8.0:
  - libvirt-java-0.3.0:
  - libguestfs-1.0.67:

Fedora Weekly News

Unlike me, Dale Bewley is no slacker and has kept the FWN updates



Rich Jones announced that libguestfs has its own (very busy) mailing
list now:


Also of note is that the virt-df utility has now been re-written to
use libguestfs.


The badly named et-mgmt-tools mailing list has been deprecated in
favour of a new virt-tools-list:


  This list originally came into being as a place for discussing
  projects under Red Hat's 'emerging technology' moniker, hence the
  prefix 'et-'. In retrospect this was a really bad choice of names
  for a mailing list and causes endless confusion for people wrt what
  to discuss where. Most of the emerging technology projects have
  lists of their own (cobbler, augeas, libguestfs, libvirt) and it is
  about time that virt-manager and friends joined them.

  To that end we have created a new mailing list
  'virt-tools-list'. This will be the new home for all developer &
  user discussions relating to the following applications

    - virt-manager
    - virt-viewer
    - virt-install
    - virt-clone
    - virt-image
    - virt-convert


M A Young, Pasi Kärkkäinen and others are continuing to work hard
testing builds of latest upstream pv_ops Dom0. See the fedora-xen
mailing list archives:


Gerd Hoffman has updated Fedora 12 to xen-3.4.1:


Fedora 12's Xen DomU support has seen a number of problems.

    Switch bzImage from LZMA back to gzip compression so Xen can load
    Fedora kernels again

    It turns out that Fedora switched their bzImage format from
    gzip to LZMA, which the Xen loader doesn't support. This has been
    reverted until Fedora 13, giving Xen a chance to catch up.

Chris Lalancette quickly took on the task of making sure that we have
LZMA support in the Xen domain builder. Patches for this are upstream
now and we just need them pulled into Fedora 12:

    Add xen domain builder support for bzImage lzma/bzip2 compression

However, we're not done yet. The F12 kernel still doesn't boot as a

    2.6.31-rc1 xen domU crashes early during boot

    It now turns out that the F12 kernel crashes during boot in Xen
    DomU. Jeremy Fitzhardinge has come up with patches to fix at least
    some of this, but it sounds like there are more dragons lurking

Michael Schmidt points out this xenfb issue:


  So it crashes during Xen framebuffer initialization. And indeed,
  disabling CONFIG_XEN_FBDEV_FRONTEND helps, the kernel then boots

Fedora QEMU/KVM Security

There are several things to bear in mind wrt to libvirt's support for
qemu/kvm and security:

  1) The qemu process now runs as the qemu user, not root. This
     reduces the ability of the process to attack the host if it is
     compromised. However, users should be aware of the potential for
     issues with e.g. directories having the wrong permissions.

  2) qemu processes are also confined using SELinux sVirt
     protection. This reduces the ability of the process to attack
     other qemu processes if it is compromised. Again, though, there
     is the potential for users to see problems caused by e.g. files
     not being labelled correctly.

Dan Berrange prepared a comprehensive set of docs on the security
architecture for libvirt's qemu driver:


Some of the recently active bug reports in this are include:

    'groupadd -r' allocates gids upwards
    login.defs/SYS_UID_MIN should be 200

    The qemu uidgid reservation is 107, but 'useradd/groupadd -r' are
    still allocating out of the 100-500 range. It wasn't such a big
    problem when they used to allocate downwards from the top of the
    system accounts range, but this behaviour changed recently.

    Make the /dev/kvm device world accessible to all users by default
    Create a kvm user account and kvm group
    QEMU driver should run all QEMU VMs as non-root system account

    All done by danpb for F-12 as part of the VirtPrivileges

    Directory permissions on volume group directory too restrictive

    The VirtPrivileges feature requires that the LVM volume group
    directory permissions are relaxed a bit. Apparently this should be
    magically fixed by lvm using udev but, although it has switched to
    udev now, it doesn't seem to have changed anything.

    libvirt fails to start guest - Failed to set security label

    An selinux-policy regression in Fedora 12 caused libvirt to
    break. Fixed in rawhide now.

    SELinux is preventing qemu-kvm (svirt_t) "setrlimit" svirt_t

    An SELinux setrlimit() denial is causing qemu to fail to start for
    some F-11 users. At first, we had no idea where setrlimit() is
    being called from but Jerry James figured out that it was glibc.

    It turns out that glibc has a workaround for the fact that
    /dev/pts was incorrectly mounted in F-11 and an selinux-policy
    update to allow glibc to run that workaround has now been pushed.

    It also turns out that qemu isn't setting some file descriptors to
    CLOEXEC and this is causing selinux problems when pt_chown is

    Allow svirt images to create sock_file in svirt_var_run_t

    A Fedora 11 selinux-policy update needed to use the virt-preview
    version of libvirt.

    libvirt only relabels disks *after* hotplugging them into QEMU

    A fix for this issue has been backported to F-11. It fixes
    problems like not being able to attach a dvd/cdrom to a guest in

    libvirt cannot re-label a disk image under an NTFS partition

    Because NTFS doesn't support xattrs, svirt cannot start a guest
    with disk images on an NTFS partition.

    libvirt is not chowning kernel/initrd images before launching qemu

    As part of the F-12 VirtPrivileges feature we started running the
    qemu process unprivileged, but we neglected to chown kernel and
    initrd images before launching qemu. Fixed now in F-12 Alpha.

    libvirt fails to start guest on NFS even when sebool virt_use_nfs
    is on

    David Lutterkort notes that libvirt is defeating the purpose of
    the virt_use_nfs sebool by refusing to start a guest if it can't
    relabel its disk images.

    libvirt needs to better handle chown-ing images on NFS shares

    Now that we're chown-ing images before starting guests, we need to
    make various improvements in order to handle NFS shares.

    libvirt/netcf loads modprobe.conf and others - AVC messages
    (preventing libvirtd (virtd_t) "getattr" modules_conf_t)

    libvirt's new network interface configuration support
    (unsupringly) touches a bunch of files in /etc, so we need policy
    updates to allow libvirtd to do that.

    libvirt fails to start guest with qemu configured to run as

    There seems to be a selinux-policy issue where if libvirt is
    configured to run guests as root/root, they fail to transition to
    svirt_t. Strangely, the AVCs persist when you change the
    configuration back until you reboot, even though the transitions
    do appear to be succeeding.

    Aside from the AVCs, we need to make libvirt chown various
    directories to the user is going to run qemu as.

    virt-manager should warn if guest images will are not readable by

    If a user downloads an ISO to her homedir and tries to start a
    guest using it, it fails because qemu doesn't have permissions to
    the homedir. We could warn the user of this common scenario.

KVM PCI Device Assignment

A number of improvements to the feature introduced in Fedora 11 are
now available as an update:

    libvirt should allow PCI PM reset on multi-function devices
    libvirt does not automatically re-attach an assigned device in the
    host after guest shutdown
    libvirt should be able to reset a PCI function even if it causes
    other unused devices/functions to be reset
    libvirt should allow PCI PM reset on multi-function devices

Also, tieing in with the recent work to add KVM NIC hotplug support to
libvirt, we now have support in Fedora 12 for assigned device hotplug:

    Add support to libvirt for KVM PCI device assignment hotplug


The last while has seen a huge churn of bugs in bugzilla, leaving us
with a DOOM-O-METER of 217 now. Seven weeks ago we were up to 250.

If you're looking to help getting this number down even further, the
place to start is the Fedora 12 blocker and target lists:


Ongoing Bugs

== misc ==

    Implement support for CLONE_IO

    Request for glibc to support CLONE_IO. Uli suggests that CLONE_IO
    should be used by default. Avi suggests that it shouldn't.

== kernel ==

    rotational mode is much faster for virtio-blk disks, but uses
    non-rotational mode by default

    This issue is still ongoing, we need to get the default changed.

    Unable to boot using qemu-kvm and gPXE from virt-preview

    We need a backport of a kvm.ko fix in order to be able to use gPXE
    on an F-11 host.

    2.6.30 kernel stopped supporting  xattrs on hugetlbfs

    This issue is preventing libvirt from using SELinux labels to
    enforce separation between qemu guests using huge page backed
    memory. John Cooper is working to fix this for the KVM Huge Page
    Backed Memory feature in Fedora 12.

    KSM breaks encryption 157 > kernel > 139 - KSM support now

    A recent set of KSM changes from upstream has caused a regression
    with encrypted volumes. KSM has been disabled until this is

    2.6.31 virtio_net oops in skb_copy_from_linear_data_offset()

    James Laska hit this nice oops during an F12 guest install over

== qemu ==

    Enable qemu sound devices to tunnel over VNC
    Allow sounds devices to be used with svirt - tunnel sound over VNC

    These bugs have been moved to F13VirtTarget now that the feature
    has been punted to Fedora 13.

    Guest clock is running aprox. 3 seconds before host clock

    Strange problem with the guest clock consistently being a few
    seconds behind the host clock. Removing hwclock from the system
    reduces the offset to below one second. This is beginning to look
    like a fundamental problem with the rtc resolution and using
    hwclock to sync the system time during boot. Glauber proposes
    removing 88-clock.rules in bug #517886.

    qemu VNC :: xterm inside VM shows garbled text
    qemu segfault when VNC client disconnects

    Both of these VNC problems have been fixed upstream, but not yet
    on the stable-0.10 branch.

    Evaluate the need for qemu's virtio_net TX mitigation timer

    In RHEL5, after a whole pile of benchmarking and procrastination,
    we disabled the TX mitigation timer. However, the situation with
    recent host kernels is very different, so we need to look into it
    again for Fedora 12 and upstream.

    KVM USB passthrough - device reset messages in host dmesg

    It looks likes something screwy is causing assigned USB devices to
    be reset over and over by the host.

    USB hard disks can't be specified using qemu's -drive option

    Dan Berrange points out that because USB drivers have their own
    option, the usual drive options cannot be specified.

    Restoring a qemu guest from a saved state file using -incoming
    sometimes fails and hangs

    With libvirt-tck, a qemu guest hangs while restoring a saved state
    file. Not confirmed yet whether this is TCG specific.

== libvirt ==

    libvirt name/uuid uniqueness checks are broken

    Some issues with name/uuid uniqueness checking uncovered by

    RFE: libvirt should support KVM huge page backed memory

    This is a bugzilla for tracking part of the KVM Huge Page Backed
    Memory feature.

    RFE: Support virDomainReboot() for qemu/kvm guests
    Add system_reboot to qemu

    There's been some discussion on qemu-devel about how libvirt could
    implement virDomainReboot() - the latest conclusion seems to be
    that it should do system_powedown, poll info status and then do

    Guest VM freeze during live migration

    A Fedora 11 live migration failure using libvirt. Needs someone to
    debug it.

== virt-manager ==

    virt-manager should run stats refresh operation in a background
    thread per connection
    virt-manager's dialog to connect an existing CD-ROM to an ISO does
    not use storage pool interface
    memory/vcpus changes in virt-manager do not persist across
    libvirtd restart
    RFE: ability to add serial device

    Some of the bugs fixed by the virt-manager-0.8.0 release.

Resolved Bugs

== misc ==

    dracut: support booting from KVM virtio devices

    dracut needed a hack to pull in virtio_pci, otherwise the initrds
    it produced wouldn't work for KVM guests.

    Disable net.bridge.bridge-nf-call-*tables by default

    Finally we have netfilter on the bridge disabled by default in

== kernel ==

    kvm virtio_blk errors - "end_request: I/O error, dev vda, sector 0"

    This issue turned out to be that device-mapper is submitting empty
    barrier requests in 2.6.31 and the block layer is passing them
    through to virtio-blk, even though virtio-blk doesn't support
    barriers. Fix sent upstream and applied in rawhide.

    Poor KVM guest performance doing kernel builds (100+% overhead,
    w/ 8vcpu and virtio)

    This issue was resolved by using rotational mode in the guest,
    deadline scheduler in the host and -drive cache=none.


    dwmw2 has applied some VT-d fixes and workarounds to the F-12
    kernel and enabled it by default again. No need for intel_iommu=on
    any more.

    kernel oops/panic: IP: [<c048a9f8>] __bounce_end_io_read+0x88/0xf8

    This F10 guest oops was fixed by backporting a virtio-blk patch to
    disable bouncing highmem requests.

== qemu ==

    'qemu-img convert' failed to convert an image which contains a
    backing file

    Akkarit Sangpetch found this bug with qemu in virt-preview, came
    up with a patch, sent it upstream and the fix was included in
    qemu-0.11.0-rc1. That's how it should be done! :-)

    virtio-net fails to transmit any packets, gives "Network is
    unreachable" errors

    This F-12 virtio_net failure was only reproducible using
    libguestfs, but after some bisection it was narrowed down to a
    problem with qemu-kvm's GSO support. Fix sent upstream and applied
    in rawhide.

    Unable to boot using virtio disk

    Rawhide qemu-kvm briefly had a broken extboot image which caused
    booting from virtio disks to fail.

    qemu-kvm segfaults when run inside another virtual machine

    Rich Jones has found yet another TCG bug by running libguestfs
    'make check' inside Koji. Rich bisected the problem, posted a fix
    upstream and applied the fix in rawhide.

    Allow kvm modules to be blacklisted via modprobe.conf

    Lubomir Rintel fixed kvm.modules to use 'modprobe -b' so that kvm
    modules can be blacklisted via modprobe.conf.

    [QEMU] file /etc/udev/rules.d/80-kvm.rules* is set to executable

    Joachim Namislow noted that the permissions on 80-kvm.rules were
    incorrect in rawhide.

== libvirt ==

    RFE: port libvirt to PolicyKit 1.0

    PolicyKit has changed its ABI and wants all apps to port to the
    new ABI in Fedora 12. Dan Berrange has come up with a patch for
    libvirt and added it to rawhide.

    Useless "domain didn't show up" error when starting a guest with
    too much RAM

    Fixed in 0.6.4. Not attempting to backport to F11.

    allow libvirt.so to be installed without libvirtd

    The libvirt-client sub-package has now been split out from the
    main libvirt package.

    libvirt should ignore NUMA cells with missing topology

    It seems the numactl fix wasn't enough here for F-11 users, so
    danpb backported the libvirt fix.

    no virbr0 with libvirt-0.7.0-2

    On machines where ipv6 disabled, latest libvirt was failing to
    start any virtual networks. Fixed now in rawhide.

    libvirt QEMU driver is using old pci_add/pci_del syntax

    Fedora 11 libvirt now supports the newer qemu hotplug syntax
    thanks to danpb.

    libvirt should run qemu 'cont' command on successful migration

    Chris Lalancette noticed that newer qemu needs a "cont" command to
    be issued when the migration has finished. This fix has now been
    backported to F-11 and F-12.

    virsh: renaming of guests creates a copy

    danpb backported a fix to F-11 which disallows re-naming guests.

    libvirt virEnumFromString crashes on F11 with Xen 3.4.x when
    starting virt-viewer

    A libvirt segfault with latest Xen. The libvirt-0.6.2-17.fc11
    updates fixes this.

== python-virtinst ==

    virtinst: make SLES11 guests use virtio by default

    Fixed in rawhide now by 0.500.0, still might be worth backporting
    to F-11.

    RFE: default to qcow2 rather than "raw" for virtual disk file

    Now that qcow2 performance is much improved, perhaps we should
    consider switching to it by default in Fedora 13.

    virtinst creates cdrom device using virtio rather than IDE

    When creating a guest, virtinst is now erroneously trying to
    create a virtio cdrom rather than an IDE cdrom.

== virt-manager ==

    virt-manager migration failure - destination URI, not hostname,
    should be passed to vm.prepare()

    Migration using virt-manager appears to be totally broken because
    of a hostname/URI mixup.

    virt-manager error caused by connect_cdrom() : unsupported driver
    name 'file'

    Looks like connecting a cdrom to a kvm guest in virt-manager is
    broken; we're generating invalid XML for the libvirt qemu driver.

    [PATCH] Fix virt-manager addhardware.py hostdev error handling

    Paul Frields found and fixed a bug in virt-manager USB device
    assignment error handling.

    virt-manager storage browser ISO/disk callback mixup

    Tim Waugh found this nice bug in the latest virt-manager.

    RFE: add a virt-manager first-time wizard for installing kvm/xen

    Mairin Duffy suggests that virt-manager should have a wizard to
    allow people to install kvm/xen when they first run it.

    virt-manager ignores "Host does not support any virtualization
    options" error

    A related issue is that the "Add VM" wizard currently just has
    greyed out buttons if no kvm/xen is installed. An error in
    virt-manager.log is the only way the user can figure out what's

    virt-manager hangs waiting for VNC ssh tunnel to exit

    For at least one user, virt-manager hangs when you close a guest
    console as it waits for an SSH process to exit.

    virt-manager scaling should maintain the aspect ratio of the

    virt-manager needs to copy some of the scaling improvements
    recently made in virt-viewer.

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