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Re: [fedora-virt] Question about virt-manager devel for Fedora 13

Hi Scott,

On Wed, 2009-12-09 at 18:11 -0500, Scott Dowdle wrote:
> Greetings,
> I attended the RH Virtual Experience 2009 event today and got to talk
> with some RH RHEV guys...

I hope you enjoyed it. This whole virtual virtualization conference
thing is quite a trip :-)

I think all the talks are available for the next month or two if anyone
is interested. Just go to:


> which led me to a few questions about what might be in the future for
> Fedora.  I checked the upcoming features page for F13 and nothing is
> there yet for virt... but just probing to see if anyone has a clue.

We have some feature pages in the works here:


but we haven't really got around yet to thinking seriously about what
virt features we want to promote in F-13

> Most of the SPICE stuff has been released at spice-space.org.  Are
> there any plans to add the SPICE protocol to the virt-manager app in
> Fedora 13? 

There's no-one working on this yet, but you're right - it's definitely
an important piece of integration work we need to do.

I don't think we'd promote SPICE as a Fedora feature until we get
virt-manager support. Help is very welcome, of course! :-)

One of the more immediate concerns about SPICE is how to get it into
Fedora's version of qemu. The version posted to http://spice-space.org
is an old KVM snapshot, so we'll at least need to wait until the SPICE
developers re-base the patches to a newer version of qemu. We'll also
need to see how quickly it makes progress upstream.

> And a follow-up question... Anyone considering creating a general
> purpose remote desktop client / server app for Fedora 13 based on
> SPICE to be a much more performant remote access protocol than freenx
> and VNC?

I'm pretty sure it's on their roadmap, but you're probably best to just
ask on spice-space-devel:



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