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Re: [fedora-virt] Question about virt-manager devel for Fedora 13

On Wed, Dec 09, 2009 at 06:11:41PM -0500, Scott Dowdle wrote:
> Greetings,
> I attended the RH Virtual Experience 2009 event today and got to talk
> with some RH RHEV guys... which led me to a few questions about what 
> might be in the future for Fedora.  I checked the upcoming features 
> page for F13 and nothing is there yet for virt... but just probing 
> to see if anyone has a clue.
> Most of the SPICE stuff has been released at spice-space.org.  Are
>  there any plans to add the SPICE protocol to the virt-manager app
> in Fedora 13? 

Unfortunately the current Spice client code isn't well suited to integration
with virt-manager. It just provides a standlone spice client app. To be
able to integrate with virt-manager, work will be required to turn this client
code into a proper library, ideally providing a GTK widget for embedding. ie
we need to create an equivalent of GTK-VNC, but for SPICE.  For that matter
it'd be nice to have a GTK-RDP library too, so virt-manager could properly
manage VirtualBox  guests. None of this is likely in Fedora 13 though because
it'll require notable development effort. 

Also, there is work required to get the SPICE support integrated with the
upstream QEMU codebase, since currently it is a set of out-of-tree patches
to QEMU which isn't maintainable in that way long term.

> And a follow-up question... Anyone considering creating a general purpose
> remote desktop client / server app for Fedora 13 based on SPICE to be a 
> much more performant remote access protocol than freenx and VNC?

It is certainly the intention that SPICE be able to offer remote desktop
services for bare-metal machines. The new spice-space.org website mentions
this as one of the goals.  Again for the client side, integration with
GNOME's Vinagre application would be the way forward, since that is a
general purpose remote desktop client application intended to support any
protocol. That again requires a nice client side library for SPICE to be

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