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Re: [fedora-virt] [OT?] value of virtualization that comes with RHEL 5.4?

On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 09:33:42AM -0500, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   i'm being offered the chance to teach an admin course based on RHEL
> 5.4, so i'll probably just do it under CentOS 5.4, but one of the
> chapters deals with the virtualization facilities that come with 5.4.
>   even though that's the latest release of RHEL/CentOS, it's still
> fairly far behind the curve in terms of recent virtualization
> developments as compared to fedora 12.  the client is currently using
> vmware, so it's not clear they even *care* about the native
> virtualization features of RHEL.

The KVM based virtualization in RHEL-5.4 is not nearly so far behind
Fedora as you might think. The libvirt mgmt stack in RHEL-5.4 was
rebased to be near parity with Fedora 11, and KVM in RHEL-5.4 is
also pretty close to that using what's best described as a hybrid of
kvm-83 and kvm-84.

>   in any case, is there any real value in discussing the
> virtualization in RHEL 5.4, since the other two options are:
>  1) blow off virt completely as explained in the manual, or
>  2) switch to perhaps f12 just for that to show what's available
>     *today*
> thoughts?  no matter what the decision is, i can't see covering old
> virtualization technology being of much use.

Anything learnt by using libvirt + KVM in RHEL-5.4 will certainly be
very relevant to usage of libvirt + KVM in Fedora 12 and RHEL-6, and
vica-verca, so I wouldn't right it off was not worth while just because
F12 is newer

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