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[fedora-virt] Fedora virt status

Fedora 13

  As we move towards F-13, here's the schedule:

  2010-01-26  Feature Submission Deadline (40 days)
  2010-02-09  Feature Freeze (54 days)
  2010-02-16  Alpha Freeze (61 days)
  2010-03-23  Beta (Final Development) Freeze (96 days)
  2010-04-29  Compose Release Candidate (133 days)

  For the Fedora 13 release, we have expanded bug classification a bit.
  Instead of the previous virt blockers and virt target bugs, we now have 4
  classifications (all rolling up into the virt target for easy tracking). As
  always, the trackers are referenced at

  F13VirtBlocker: These are bugs which are critical to fix before release,
                  and worth holding the release if they are not fixed in time.

  F13VirtImportant: These bugs are not quite blockers, but should be
                    considered high priority

  F13VirtTarget: This is somewhat the default bucket for virt bugs.  Things
                 which are supported and should be fixed before release if at
                 all possible.

  F13VirtPonies: These are typically feature requests, or bugs in features
                 we don't really support.  As such they are less likely to get
                 attention, but patches are welcome.  It's not that we don't
                 want these fixed, but we just don't have the resources to get
                 to everything.

F12 Virt Preview

  As was announced before, the virt-preview repository for F12 users wishing
  to test out the latest virtualization bits is available.  Updates in this
  repository include:

  - Include symlinks to VGABIOS in vgabios rpm, BZ 544310.
  - Enable cpu level 6.

  - upstream release of 0.7.4
  - udev node device backend
  - API to check object properties
  - better QEmu monitor processing
  - MAC address based port filtering for qemu
  - support IPv6 and multiple addresses per interfaces
  - a lot of fixes
  - Really fix restore file labelling this time
  - Fix QEMU save/restore permissions / labelling

  - Modified the dependency to be libvirt-client instead of libvirt.
  - Added libvirt APIs up through 0.7.0

  - Fix interface API detection for libvirt < 0.7.4
  - Update to version 0.500.1
  - virt-install now attempts --os-variant detection by default.
  - New --disk option 'format', for creating image formats like qcow2 or
  - Many improvements and bugfixes

  - Fix a use-after-free crasher in the slirp code (#539583)
  - Fix overflow in the parallels image format support (#533573)

  - Update to 0.8.2 release
  - Fix first virt-manager run on a new install
  - Enable floppy media eject/connect
  - Select manager row on right click, regressed with 0.8.1
  - Set proper version Requires: for python-virtinst
  - VM Migration wizard, exposing various migration options
  - Enumerate CDROM and bridge devices on remote connections
  - Support storage pool source enumeration for LVM, NFS, and SCSI

  We should see qemu move to the 0.12 tree before the end of the year.


  DOOM-O-METER: 173 bugs open 4 weeks ago, up to 211 now.

  We have a lot of work to do!

= Important =

== kvm ==

    almost 9 thousand syscalls per second while idle

    This is believed to be a result of the USB Tablet device, but several
    users have noticed high host CPU usage while guests were idle.

    Segfaults logged from kvm (qemu-kvm) resulting in guest sudden crash
    and data loss

    A number of users complaining of guests crashing and sometimes taking
    the host with them.  It is possible that this is related to video

    reattach virtio to rhel{5,6} guests will cause qemu-kvm crash

== libvirt ==

    Occasional crash on vm shutdown/reboot

    libvirt will occasionally crash when a VM shuts down.  I am testing
    now, but it seems that a couple of other bugs will be marked as duplicates
    of this one.

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