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[fedora-virt] Fedora 11 on XEN Host

Excuse if this was already discussed. (few hours of searching didn't really help out)

We have some server running Cent OS 5.4 as Dom0, and a few more fedora 11 running on top of them using XEN.

From time to time, one or two of our fedora VM's Load Index will rise up to 100+ over 8 hour period. (In a very linear fashion)

When we see the trend starting (regardless of the Load index number at the moment) we are not able to login using SSH or even console (xm console [VMNAME]).

Only way to deal with it is to reboot the VM, and there is no significant log entry at all. to indicate any system specific errors. (As if nothing has happened) However, no log message are present during the high load period.

When it happens however, active running process will reply back - such as web proxy process. All socket open requests work as should (SSH, HTTP, etc), but will not go further than opening the socket with a greeting message.

Has anyone had similar experience, and fund a resolution to?

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