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[fedora-virt] interesting kvm glitches

I have been converting lots of old xen hvm images to run under
kvm with a new fedora 12 replacing the old debian on the
host machine, and I had a couple of examples of strange
behavior I wonder if anyone else has seen:

One machine booted just fine several times, then one boot
the kernel paniced saying the apic wasn't working and I
should boot with noapic. It has worked fine ever since then,
but somehow it had a problem that once.

Another machine apparently boots OK, but /proc/cpuinfo reports
the cpu speed as 0 HZ - quite an accomplishment (which I
noticed because some test programs were trying to do some
time base calculations and they all divided by zero :-).
I haven't yet booted this machine again to see if it
does this every time or not.

Of course, I also have a handful of machine that simply
refuse to boot all the way up (mostly various opensuse versions).
I may have to try reinstalling them and see if they work
better when under kvm at creation time.

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