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Re: [fedora-virt] interesting kvm glitches

> > Another machine apparently boots OK, but /proc/cpuinfo reports
> > the cpu speed as 0 HZ - quite an accomplishment (which I
> > noticed because some test programs were trying to do some
> > time base calculations and they all divided by zero :-).
> > I haven't yet booted this machine again to see if it
> > does this every time or not.
> This is strange.  Please see if it reproduces and describe the guest.

It has happened enough times now that I added a bugzilla for it:


It appears to pick different guests at random, but I think so far
I've only seen it happen when the guest was running a 32 bit kernel.

> > Of course, I also have a handful of machine that simply
> > refuse to boot all the way up (mostly various opensuse versions).
> > I may have to try reinstalling them and see if they work
> > better when under kvm at creation time.
> >    
> Where do they stop?

Different places, but I'm pretty sure they are in fact related to
something the initrd is expecting but no longer gets. It was easier
to reinstall than to figure out how to fix them.

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