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Re: [fedora-virt] Making memory stick accessible from client

Thanks Andres, Your tip about using the "Alt" button gave me access to the "Add hardware" button. I have selected a device type of "USB disk" but am unsure as to what to set for "Block Device (partition)" or "File (disk image)" ? What I want to do is transfer files via a USB memory stick from one machine to another. Brendan

Andrés García wrote:

Justin, you suggested "The other option is to mount the memory stick and attach it as a block device to the guest OS." Is that done in an XML file or elsewhere?

You can do it with virt-manager too, in the 'add hardware' screen you have to choose 'storage'

A trick that comes handy when you have a small screen is to click on a window with the 'alt' key pressed, that way you can move the window clicking on any point of it.


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