[fedora-virt] F11 features - sVirt Mandatory Access Control

Harish Pillay harish at redhat.com
Wed Feb 4 08:49:41 UTC 2009

> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Documentation_Virtualization_Beat

>From that page, it says:

'The kernel-xen package has been obsoleted by the integration of
paravirtualization operations in the upstream kernel. The kernel package
in Fedora 11 supports booting as a guest domU, but will not function as
a dom0 until such support is provided upstream. The most recent Fedora
release with dom0 support is Fedora 8.'

As I write this, I am running F10 on a hardware virt enabled machine
(Dell Latitude D620) and have installed F10 and other distros as guests.
Hence, the statement above is unclear to me for F10 is running as both
dom0 and domU.

Am I not reading something right?
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