[fedora-virt] qemu/kvm status

Eduardo Habkost ehabkost at redhat.com
Fri Feb 13 13:02:40 UTC 2009

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 10:59:04AM -0200, Glauber Costa wrote:
> It turns out that they're planning on deploying some features in koji
> by Feb 28th, that _might_ help us a lot. Really, a lot.
> The idea is that you can have your package built on an architecture
> exclusively with BuildArch directive. But your package can then have
> a subpackage with BuildArch: noarch. That way, your package will span
> all repositories. This seems like the perfect solution to us. I've
> helped them to proceed with some tests, and it seem to work. So what
> I'm plannin on doing, is post the rpms for review today, since it is
> unlikely that they will receive more updates in this mean time.

That makes sense. From the host system point of view, the BIOS images
are data, and should be noarch. I think this will solve our problems.

Is Feb 28th still in time to start actually building this stuff on
Rawhide without breaking any deadline?

> Getting them review and approved is the really important bits. We can
> set on the ideal solution a bit later.


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