[fedora-virt] Accepted F11 Virt Features

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Wed Feb 25 11:14:13 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-02-24 at 22:23 -0800, Dale Bewley wrote:
> Howdy,
> I was touching up the virt release[1] notes a little bit. There are
> currently 5 virtualization related features[2] for F11:

Here's a quick take on the current status of these:

>     * KVM_PCI_Device_Assignment

  - VT-d is enabled by default again in the kernel, KVM support seems to
    work well

  - libvirt patches posted upstream yesterday

  - Cole is going to look at using the new libvirt APIs to allow NIC 
    assignment in virt-manager and virt-install

>     * KVM_and_QEMU_merge

   - Glauber has done awesome work to update QEMU to latest upstream, 
     split out sub-packages and create BIOS packages

   - The rumour mill has it that there will be a QEMU release at the 
     end of this week or start of next week

   - Unclear as to whether we have time to switch to building QEMU from 
     the kvm-userspace tarball; there may yet be dragons lurking there

>     * Shared Network Interface

   - David Lutterkort is working hard on the netcf library and is still 
     relatively optimistic about getting it into F11

>     * SVirt Mandatory Access Control 

   - Dan Walsh has been working to get the patch merged into libvirt 
     and add support in virtinst

   - Looks likely this will make F11

>     * Virtualization VNC Authentication

   - Dan Berrange posted his patches to qemu-devel a week or two ago;
     unclear as to the current status

> Only KVM PCI Device Assignment has been accepted[3] so far. The
> feature freeze is coming up in one week[4] (March 3rd). I assume if
> they are not listed as accepted at that time they shan't be included,
> barring fesco exception.
> Would the owners of the above features care to chime in about their
> (un)likelihood of inclusion in F11, or give em a little shove towards
> "acceptance"? 

Yep - that absolutely needs to be done very soon.

Glauber, Dan (Walsh) and David could you read:


then update your page and add it to the FeatureReadyForWrangler
category. At that point it will be queued up for FESCo review. FESCo
meet on Fridays AFAIR.

(Dan Berrange - I fixed VNCAuth to really be in ReadyForWrangler :-)


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