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[fedora-virt] QEMU new Package

Hi guys.

I've built a qemu image in here:


It contains the basic work to get qemu package updated. Basically,
we're talking about getting the qemu code from svn and creating multiple
packages, so one could grab just the architecture of interest.
Todo, is the creation of a meta-package to grab'em all at once.

This is also the first step in merging qemu and kvm packages, which
I'd like to do in two steps.

1) This one.
2) replace qemu-svn with kvm-userspace

The later is not as trivial as it seems. Nobody exercices this path
usually, and we're likely to find bugs that prevent the build to finish
(Well, I tested, and there _are_ bugs ;-) ). But I believe we can have
it sorted out.

If no one has any major opposition to the state of things, I intend to
commit it to CVS tomorrow (with some minor changes), and put it into
rawhide so we can start having a more serious testing out of it.

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