[fedora-virt] qemu/kvm status

Glauber Costa glommer at redhat.com
Thu Feb 12 15:29:50 UTC 2009

Hello guys

I hope you're all doing fine, with joy in your hearts.

After a adventurous while, I have updated and QAed a new
qemu srpm. I worked mostly on x86 and sparc QA, since they
are the ones in which we have to build additional firmware.

Speaking of firware, for the very same reason as etherboot[1],
I'm proposing some new packages. They are:

Bochs bios:



I'm not shouting the final review yet, since I'd like to reach agreement
on whatever matters may arise, in here.

The qemu source package can be found at:


The x86 system emulator depends on bochs-bios and vgabios.
The sparc system emulator depends on openbios

Openbios should be used for powerpc too, but upstream is not yet
confident on that. So as I was having troubles building it, I
just left them commented for this round.

If everybody is okay with that modulo minor comments to the packages,
my next plan is:

1) Submmit new packages for review
2) Commit new qemu to CVS
3) Get KVM in the package. I prefer to do this in two steps, since
it will get easier to spot anything that might go wrong
4) Have a bottle of wine.

[1] Most firmware is compiled for one specific architecture, but
should run on qemu whichever your host architecture is. We don't
have a cross compiler infra in place, so we have to compile it natively.
The easiest would be to pick binaries directly from upstream, which
usually provides it. But we have policies that say we have to build
everything we ship. So we have a crazy bootstrap process in place,
in which we first build natively, and then feed a tar.gz for the
other architectures. It means every package should be built at least
twice in the process of getting something out of the door.

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