[fedora-virt] Do you dread moving the ’08 files to make room for ’09?

Shane Hunt shunt at recordsreduction.com
Thu Jan 22 16:37:35 UTC 2009

Let us do it for you….FREE of charge.

Records Reduction, Inc. is offering FREE pickup for new customers
in January & February, 2009.  In addition, we will also pull the
files from the filing cabinets and box them at NO CHARGE!

That’s right, this year you will have to touch a file to get 
ready for ’09 files.  It’s the perfect time for you to begin 
using our services.

Scanning – This is the best solutions for files that you must 
keep long term,or that require a lot of retrievals. Records 
Reduction, Inc. will scan them in and provide a legal copy on 
disk.  You can save the files on your system and have a networked
imaging solution with no additional software.

Off site file storage – This is the most economical solution for 
files that you don’t have to keep long term and for those that 
are rarely retrieved.

Shredding – If you have files that no longer have to be kept, let
us pick them up and provide secure shredding.  It’s also a great 
solution for any documents that contain Names, Social Security 
Numbers, or other identifying information.  We can do large 
purges, or provide secure bins for ongoing shredding.

Please call Shane Hunt @ 704-724-3313, or email 
shunt at recordsreduction.com for more information.


Electronic filing (scanning/imaging) is the best long-term 
storage solution for any files that you must keep long term, or 
if you do a lot of retrievals from them.
Examples include, but are not limited to:
Accounts Payable
Human Resources
Medical Charts
Sales Files
Job Files
Accounts Receivable
Engineering Drawings
School Records
Educational Materials
Legal Files
Real Estate Files
Bill of Ladings
Workers Comp Files

Which Service is Right for You?

Document Scanning
Document scanning is perfect for files that you must store for a 
long time – typically five years or greater. Also, if you have to
do many retrievals, scanning will pay for itself by increasing 
efficiencies in the office.  With scanning, there are no ongoing 
costs.  You pay once and you have a legal copy of your business 
documents forever.  Some examples where scanning makes sense 
include Accounts Payables, Job Files, Corporate Financials, 
Medical Files, Legal Files, Insurance Documents, Human 
Resources, etc.
Offsite Record Storage
Offsite document Storage is best for files that you do not have 
to keep forever, and do very little retrievals.  Records 
Reduction, Inc. provides records storage, retrieval, delivery and
pick-up services for companies in the Carolinas.  Records are 
stored at our secure service center where our team members 
retrieve boxes or individual files as requested by our clients. 
Records are normally delivered the next day & emergency delivery
options are also available.  We can always retrieve the file, 
scan it and email or fax it to you within minutes. Records 
Reduction, Inc. will become an extension to your existing file
room or storage area by providing: 

- Secure, confidential document storage 
- Efficient retrieval of records 
- Next-day & emergency deliveries 
- The highest level of customer service in the industry 
We manage your records inventory through computer software 
tracking system. Once records are entered into our database and 
placed into storage, our customers can simply call or email and 
have their files physically or electronically delivered. 
 Ongoing, Onsite Document Destruction
Identity theft is the fastest rising crime in America. Companies 
can be found liable if they do not protect information that can 
be used in identity theft.  You can use our secure bins for paper
that contains information that might be used for identity theft.
Many companies now use the bins for ALL of their discarded paper 
- sensitive or not - simply because they know it will be 
recycled. It's just another way to help protect our planet!
Records Reduction, Inc. provides FREE locked, secure containers 
for thestorage of your confidential material while awaiting 
destruction. The containers are attractive and fit in well with 
all office environments. Our containers will segregate and secure
sensitive materials in between our service visits. The containers
are locked and can only be opened by authorized personnel, 
eliminating the chance of sensitive documents being made public 
or falling into the wrong hands. The locked containers will be
picked up and placed in a secure document shredding system.

In addition to paper document shredding services, Records 
Reduction provides secure destruction services for X-Rays, 
Computer Hard Drives, CDs, and Magnetic Media Tapes.

Bulk Purge Shredding Services

Companies file away storage boxes year after year. Often, they 
are kept long after their legal requirement.  Shredding has 
become a necessary business service to not only comply with 
regulatory requirements but to protect your business, employees 
and customers from identity theft.  Experts recommend that you 
shred most files as soon as it is legally permissible.  
Records Reduction, Inc. can provide onsite or offsite secure 
shredding services. 

eDocHealth – Electronic Medical Records Solution
Enhance Patient Care, reduce cost of operations and increase 
revenues through eDocHealth.

eDocHealth is a proven medical document management solution that
instantly improves medical office document access as well as 
practice workflow by electronically scanning and filing your 
documents and making them accessible to your entire staff 
regardless of their location. When you minimize paper-based 
activity and work within a digital environment, you trim overhead
costs by reducing reliance on paper, streamline workflow with
quick access to information, and protect patient records with 
strict user-control.

The burden of administrative and clinical documents in a medical 
practice is considerable. Busy offices lead to inaccessible 
administrative documents and charts; whether misplaced, lost, or 
in use by another staff member. Physician practices continue to 
seek a solution to reduce or eliminate the increasing volumes of 
paper within their organizations. The optimal product would 
eliminate the issues of overcrowded office space and storage
facilities as well as the problems associated with paper medical 
records such as lost or misplaced patient charts, patient EOBs, 
etc. Medical staff and providers demand a user friendly HIPAA 
compliant solution that enhances patient care, and reduces cost 
of operations while increasing revenue and generating a rapid 
return on investment (ROI).

eDocHealth is a cost-effective way to meet those needs, by 
automation of administrative and clinical documents management. 
eDocHealth does not force you to change your office workflow, 
instead, it can adapt to it or be configured for “best 
operational practices”.  

eDocHealth can work in conjunction with your Practice Management 
software and Electronic Medical Records software (EMR/EHR). In 
most cases document management solutions are better suited to 
manage medical records than traditional EMR/EHR. It is a non fact
that document management solutions have near 98% implementation 
success while traditional EMR/HER solutions are more challenging 


PO Box 3322, Matthews, NC 28106

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