[fedora-virt] Weekly virt status

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Fri Jan 23 17:49:39 UTC 2009


I've started sending out a "Fedora Virtualization status report" to
folks at Red Hat to keep people informed about what's going on.

Dan Berrange suggested I send it here too ... not sure why I didn't
think of that myself.

Feedback or suggestions very welcome.


The Fedora 11 Alpha Freeze happened this week, but unfortunately
things we in great shape. Wait, that's a good thing!

Well, things were in such great shape, there was going to be too big a
gap between the freeze and release, so rel-eng has decided to try the
freeze again next week. So it now looks like:

  2009-01-27 Alpha Freeze (4 days)
  2009-03-03 Feature freeze (39 days)
  2009-03-10 Beta Freeze (46 days)
  2009-04-14 Final freeze (81 days)

Alpha Freeze, Take 1

We had a bunch of blockers to resolve before the freeze. Rawhide
installs had all sorts of issues, mainly in anaconda.

However, just because they're anaconda bugs doesn't let us off the
hook. Some of these were virt specific, and the existance of any of
these blockers meant that we weren't rigorous enough about testing and
filing bugs against rawhide. Hopefully we'll do better for the rest of
the release cycle.

Some of the anaconda blockers:

 rawhide anaconda stage1 x86_64 images missing virtio drivers

 anaconda loader crashes when configuring a network interface

 rawhide anaconda vnc install failure

 No networking configured after rawhide kickstart install

And we had one fairly random libvirt blocker caused by a change in

 libvirt default network not enabled at install time (chkconfig regression)

Alpha Freeze, Take 2

Cole is working on new virt-manager and virtinst releases. Will we
make the freeze this time?

We didn't get the libvirt 0.6.0 release done this week, but maybe in
time for next Tuesday?

On the KVM side, we should aim to get a resolution either way for the
unsynchronized TSC issue:


Avi, Gerd, Glauber and Juan have all been actively looking at
this. Looks like we're close to a patch. But at this point, we need to
decide either to include the patch in the alpha or disable kvmclock


We created a fedora-maint-list to allow people to easily watch what's
going on with all virt related packages in Fedora. Sign up here:


and also add fedora-maint-list at redhat.com to your bugzilla watch list:


If you want to filter these mails, try this:

  Sender is bugzilla at redhat.com
  X-Bugzilla-Reason is None
  X-Bugzilla-Watch-Reason contains fedora-virt-maint at redhat.com

That way you can keep them separate from mails sent because you were
directly cc-ed on a bug.

Tracker Bugs and Queries

See this wiki page:


We now have virt tracker bugs for F11:


and also a bunch of pre-canned bugzilla queries for all the different
virt packages.

F11 Features

These features have been posted to the wiki:


More drafts are in progress.

Fedora 10 Kernel

2.6.28 is coming soon to F10:


An initial build is already in Koji if people want to give it some
early testing.


The page:


has a bunch of bugzilla queries. I'll quote the number of open Fedora
virt bugs here from week to week to track progress.

DOOM-O-METER: 186 open bugs

KVM issues:

  KVM running on 32-bit host on 64-bit CPU passes EM64T flag to guests
    Just filed, needs triaging

  kvm/ kernel crash upon installation of guest
    MMU bug, Marcelo looking

  Sound under KVM requires exclusive access to the sound device
    Warren built a fix, need to explore PA option

  SDL graphics is wrongly decoding keycode symbols
    Patch needs sending upstream

  Include kvm_stat for debugging

Two netdev/slub related oops in 2.6.29:

  virtio_net oops during rawhide guest install on rawhide host

  rtl8139 oops while installing rawhide/x86_64 guest on F-10/x86_64 host

A good number of libvirt etc. bugs were triaged/closed this week, some
of the remaining interesting ones:

  Running KVM guests as a normal user
    Lots involved here, will be split out into separate bugs

  Virtual network won't work until restart
    aka. who's freaking loading /etc/sysctl.conf?

  virt-install doesn't know to use virtio for RHEL5.3

  dnsmasq DNS returns for lookup of host

Xen pv_ops issues:

  f10 x86_64 xen guests fail to boot on f8 host (NX issue)

  anaconda installs the wrong kernel for i686 xen guests

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