[fedora-virt] best Fedora virtualization

Gene Czarcinski gene at czarc.net
Wed Jul 1 15:32:13 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 01 July 2009 10:34:41 Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 01, 2009 at 10:25:37AM -0400, Rich Mahn wrote:
> > VERY good advice.  From the log file I learned that the startup
> > problems I had were due to the cdr iso file being on nfs storage.
> > Once I copied it to the local disk it worked fine.  Changing the
> > virt_use_nfs, qemu_use_nfs didn't work because virt-manager tries
> > to set the security label, and that's not supported on this version
> > of nfs.
> This is a bug - any ideas Dan?

At the very least, I consider this a bug and have reported it as such:

I suspect this is the result of trying to use SELinux to protect everything 
and the mandatory access control idea that everything is disallowed except 
that which is explicitly permitted.

But, I just do not understand what and why CD/DVD images and devices are being 
protected.  Furthermore, when virtualization changes a file's context 
(including /dev/sr0), could this effect other valid usage of these 
files/devices?  If there is no effect for other applications, then just what is 


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