[fedora-virt] libguestfs tests running much slower

Jim Meyering jim at meyering.net
Wed Jul 1 19:42:37 UTC 2009

Jim Meyering wrote:

> Matthew Booth wrote:
>> This is only subjective, and could yet be something entirely random on
>> my machine. However, I just pulled changes
>> 3d15f7e652340777514ff30c3cfc560a90b612ec..99e28249d52ca5495b636e14ae3e4387ee62c8fe
>> and now 'make check' runs a *lot* slower. I'm guessing maybe 5-10
>> times slower. Is it just me?
> Hi Matt,
> It's not just you.  I've confirmed it.
> I reset back to 202e11543ead0d21a8485879654c927ec95ea7f0
> [Don't dereference or free undefined "msg" upon OOM.],
> ran make, then "make check" and the latter took 15 minutes.
> Now, "make check" on the latest, f20854ec61eef1aea313920f0cf193a78c1a9219
> [fish: handle some out-of-memory conditions], is at only 95/174, and it's
> already taken 23 minutes (50% longer).  I noticed that this one
>   35/174 test_zerofree_0
> took a particularly long time, but wasn't watching the whole time,
> so no hard numbers.

It finished.  elapsed time: 33 minutes.
Over double the time from 6 commits ago.

Ironically, the commit that appears to introduce this
slow-down talks about improved performance:

    Change to use virtio_blk (virtio block device) by default

    virtio_blk is the fast, virt-native block device driver
    supported by qemu and KVM.  Note that virtio_blk device
    names are called /dev/vd*.

    Existing scripts should continue working because device name
    translation will silently change device names of the form
    /dev/sd* to /dev/vd* as required.

    See also:

I did git rebase -i HEAD~7 and deleted the line for that commit,
rebuilt, and then "make check" took nearly 15 minutes again.
However, there were failures:

    /sbin/sfdisk /dev/sda: external command failed
    test_umount_all_1 FAILED
    /sbin/sfdisk /dev/sda: external command failed
    test_lvcreate_0 FAILED
    /sbin/sfdisk /dev/sda: external command failed
    test_vgcreate_0 FAILED
    /sbin/sfdisk /dev/sda: external command failed
    test_pvcreate_0 FAILED
    /sbin/sfdisk /dev/sda: external command failed
    test_lvs_1 FAILED
    /sbin/sfdisk /dev/sda: external command failed
    test_vgs_1 FAILED
    /sbin/sfdisk /dev/sda: external command failed
    test_pvs_1 FAILED
    /sbin/sfdisk /dev/sda: external command failed
    test_list_partitions_1 FAILED

    ***** 8 / 174 tests FAILED *****

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