[fedora-virt] KVM update available?

Paul Lambert eb30750 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 23:01:16 UTC 2009

On the SourceForge page there is a new Fedora KVM release 87 available.  
No date, no version.

When I open add/remove software under Gnome (Fedora 11) I find that I 
have QEMU system emulator x86-2:0.10.5-3.fc11 installed and 
x86-2:0.10-16.fc11 available.  This looks like a newer verion but how to 
I know?  There is no release date or release version shown in the lower 
right pane where the package information is shown.  Additionally, the 
10.5-3 versus 10-16 versioning makes me hesitate since I am not sure 
these are one in the same package.

Several problems here that are all contributing to the amount of blog 
and Email traffic:  Consistent documentation and identification of what 
is current.  If the two packages are the same and 10-16 is an update 
then it should be 10.16-0(?) for consistency.

Should I install this update?


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