[fedora-virt] F12 virt features - what will or won't make it in?

Justin M. Forbes jforbes at redhat.com
Wed Jul 15 13:38:31 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-07-15 at 11:03 +0100, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> > = Unlikely? =
> > * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/KSM
> Pending upstream finalizing the userland API before backporting it to
> the F-12 kernel. Not sure if there has been any progress on that in the
> last couple of weeks. If that was resolved, the feature should be quite
> straightforward to complete.
Actually quite likely to make F12. There was an madvise based API rollup
at the end of June, and after a bit of back and forth, it appears that
it is ready to push upstream as of this week.  I am trying to catch Izik
today for some final clarification before pushing the fedora kernel
piece.  I will update the feature page this week once I have the
clarification I need on details.


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