[fedora-virt] Fedora 11 - Networking fails in KVM VMs

Scott Dowdle admin at mail.cs.montana.edu
Wed Jun 10 23:03:23 UTC 2009


I have used KVM in Fedora now since Fedora 9 and it has always done quite well and I've been very happy with it.

Today I did a fresh Fedora 11 install (retaining my /home and /vm directories where my .img files were stored) and copied my Fedora 10 /etc/libvirt/qemu/*.xml from backup.

My machines started fine.  The one Windows VM I had noticed a lot of new hardware.

Everything seems to work fine and be very fast... but networking does NOT work in any of my VMs.  Thinking that perhaps something had changed in the .xml files, I deleted all of the VMs (but retained their storage) and created all new VMs using the existing storage.

I don't have any fancy networking going on.  My physical machine has a public IP address.  It has NATing turned on and ip_foward = 1.  The VMs are default ones with privates that are gotten via DHCP with the internal DHCP server and I have not messed with any of the DHCP settings in virt-manager.  In the past, the VMs would get a 192.168.122.x address and they just worked.  Now they can't seem to get an IP.

I'm guessing it is something funky with my iptables settings but I can't seem to see anything out of the ordinary.

Anyone else run into problems or have some suggestions for troubleshooting this?  So far I haven't seen anything on the mailing list that applies.

I've installed Fedora 11 on about 6 machines now and a few VMs for building remix images and it has been great. Good job.

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